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Avocado toast with Cantabrian anchovies

Avocado toast with Cantabrian anchovies

A great appetizer or quick dinner… There are endless recipe ideas for toast with canned fish. Just ask Margarita, who has prepared a delicious snack with avocado and Cantabrian anchovies for our enjoyment amongst friends. Read more

“Marriage” between anchovies from the bay of Biscay and white anchovies

“Marriage” between anchovies from the bay of Biscay and white anchovies

As St Valentine’s is almost here, today’s recipe is about couples. And here’s a top-class couple! So top-class that it doesn’t need much more. Victoria, from La cocina de Ori, is taking part in our recipe competition with a snack that can be prepared in no time, and which is a delight for our taste buds: “Marriage”, a delicious fresh and pickled anchovy snack. A very agreeable marriage. Read more

Sardines with guacamole and pomegranate ‘pintxo’


We’re starting Thursday with enthusiasm. Iosu has prepared a snack for us. How to define it? As the song goes, Sabor de amor, todo me sabe a ti (It tastes of love, tastes of you) a must in cuisine without complications; in short, unbeatable.

Guacamole, pomegranates and our small sardines. What an aphrodisiac mixture! The germ of life, of the good life. Friends, prepare these pintxos, serve some drinks and enjoy. Enjoy as if there was no tomorrow. Delight yourselves.

Read more

Hot… quite hot

Hot... quite hot

Margarita was one of the lucky ones (well, we were the lucky ones, having the chance to meet her and discover her blog Acibechería) who won a double invitation for the Salón de Gourmets and had the chance to try our new spicy sardines. She tells us that she loved them, and while she was at it, she sent us the recipe of the snack she prepared with them Read more

Land and sea torradas (toastie) with vinaigrette

Land and sea torradas (toastie) with vinaigrette

Have you seen how tempting those torradas are? They’ve been sent in by Encarni, who is making her debut in our recipe competition and makes us reach for the screen to try and grab a bite.. But as virtual reality has not gone that far, let’s put our aprons on and get to work in the kitchen! Read more

Sardines with ajoblanco (chilled garlic soup) and apple confit

Sardines with ajoblanco (chilled   garlic soup) and apple confit

Dolores is taking part again in our recipe competition. And we’re delighted, because today she is surprising us with a refreshing combination of sardines and ajoblanco, with a touch of apple confit. We encourage you to try this recipe at home.  Read more

King Prawn Crostini

King Prawn Crostini

What do we all want to hear when we have guests and offer them something to nibble at? The answer for us is clear: “Mmmm, delicious!!” This is exactly what we said when we tried this recipe from our friend Charo. She tells us this is a very easy recipe to make. And the result is impressive: Yummy! Read more

Bloody Mary with Serrats Anchovies

bloody mary serrats

We’ve always known that Conservas Serrats fish preserves can be used in all kinds of dishes—at least if the variety of recipes you send in are anything to go by—but until now we’d never seen them used as a cocktail ingredient!  It’s occurred to Maite that a few anchovies might be the perfect garnish for a Bloody Mary, that special mix for after a night on the town that they say can resurrect you from the dead. And judging from the ingredients, we’re convinced it must be true. Maite, you’ve found a whole new dimension for our products! Read more