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Sardella calabrese

Sardella calabreseSardella calabrese is a spicy paste made with sardines, ideal for spreading on any bread. If you like trying recipes from other cuisines (in this case, Calabrian) as much as we do, then don’t miss the recipe sent to us by Elena. It’s ideal for sharing, too! Read more

Christmas canapés: Vegetable and sardine canapés

Vegetable and sardine canapés

December is here! And Christmas is around the corner!  We just can’t wait to enjoy family reunions and staying at the table after meals, losing track of time! Can we? And, although company is what matters the most, it’s also undeniable that we are also eager to enjoy the delicious Christmas canapés that you’re sending in to our competition. Today we present the second proposal by Margarita, from the blog “Among friends”: some vegetable and sardine canapés.

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Rice rolls with vegetables and sardines

Rice rolls with vegetables and sardines

If you’re looking for a complete, tasty and also appealing and surprising dish, you’ll love these rice rolls with vegetables and sardines that Margarita has sent in to us.  Read more

Sardines with guacamole and pomegranate ‘pintxo’


We’re starting Thursday with enthusiasm. Iosu has prepared a snack for us. How to define it? As the song goes, Sabor de amor, todo me sabe a ti (It tastes of love, tastes of you) a must in cuisine without complications; in short, unbeatable.

Guacamole, pomegranates and our small sardines. What an aphrodisiac mixture! The germ of life, of the good life. Friends, prepare these pintxos, serve some drinks and enjoy. Enjoy as if there was no tomorrow. Delight yourselves.

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Tinned “sandwiches”

Tinned “sandwiches”

Margarita has shown that she is a big fan of our spicy sardines (just like we’re fans of her blog Acibechería) and is surprising us again with a truly original recipe that uses this product as the main feature.

What’s more, she not just shares the recipe, but also tells us about what sardines mean to her:

“Every time I make myself a tinned sardine sandwich I can’t avoid thinking about my father, images that will stay with me forever, and this is one of them: the sandwiches that mummy used to make daddy to eat at mid-morning at work. Enormous and well-wrapped, in brown paper or newspaper, something unthinkable nowadays. I won’t go into more stories about the use of these wrappings ;).

What I mean is that tinned sardines in olive oil, with tomato sauce, spicy, large or small, have always been one of my favourite sandwiches. However, only at home or where there is confidence, where you’re not ashamed to fill the sandwich with enough sardines for two or three normal sandwiches, so there you go… I like them with proper filling”.

That’s passion for sardines! ;)

Don’t miss her recipe, because you’ll be surprised, as it isn’t just any sandwich. Read more

Hot… quite hot

Hot... quite hot

Margarita was one of the lucky ones (well, we were the lucky ones, having the chance to meet her and discover her blog Acibechería) who won a double invitation for the Salón de Gourmets and had the chance to try our new spicy sardines. She tells us that she loved them, and while she was at it, she sent us the recipe of the snack she prepared with them Read more

Sardines with ajoblanco (chilled garlic soup) and apple confit

Sardines with ajoblanco (chilled   garlic soup) and apple confit

Dolores is taking part again in our recipe competition. And we’re delighted, because today she is surprising us with a refreshing combination of sardines and ajoblanco, with a touch of apple confit. We encourage you to try this recipe at home.  Read more

Sardine cipuddata

Sardine cipuddata

What is a cipuddata? It’s possible that you’ve asked yourselves this when you saw the title of today’s recipe. You have probably figured out that it’s an Italian recipe, but of you’re wondering whether it’s a type of pasta, a pizza or a salad, let us tell you that it’s a Sicilian recipe based on onions (generally red onions). Don’t miss Roberta’s recipe! Read more

Pasta tubes stuffed with sardines and served with yoghurt sauce

Pasta tubes stuffed with sardines and served with yoghurt sauce

Macaroni, spaghetti, fusilli, farfalle… We normally eat this type of pasta in salads or with various sauces. But the world of pasta has much more to offer, as Dolores proves with today’s recipe: paccheri stuffed with sardines and vegetables with yoghurt sauce. Read more

Christmas Appetizer: Seafood quintet

Christmas Appetizer: seafood quintet

At Juani’s kitchen they don’t do things by halves when it comes to Christmas Appetizer, so while she’s at it, Juana has prepared a variety of delicious appetizers with the best of the sea. A delicious seafood quintet that will guarantee your success. Read more