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In accordance with the General Terms of Use of the Website, “Hijos de Jose Serrats S.A.”, is an enterprise that manufactures and distributes fish preserves through the Internet channel ( and other channels.

In order to view some information and have access to some services, the User must be previously registered as such in the place designated for that purpose by “Hijos de Jose Serrats S.A.”. Because of the processing of personal data, “Hijos de Jose Serrats S.A.” has written this message in order to inform users about their rights and obligations.

Data Protection Guarantee.

“Hijos de Jose Serrats S.A.” is the owner of the domain and it is fully aware of the proper use of personal data and of the responsibilities that this use entails. Therefore, the use of personal data will be lawful and consented by the User at all moments.

“Hijos de Jose Serrats S.A.” informs its Users that the registration or subscription to certain services on the website is free and voluntary. For this subscription, “Hijos de Jose Serrats S.A.”, requires that a form, with certain personal data of the users, is filled.

The data collected from the Users will be introduced in an automated database, owned by “Hijos de Serrats S.A.” This database is equipped with security measures in accordance with the Regulation on Security Measures, in relation with the collected data. This database is also identified and registered in the Data Protection Agency, so as to guarantee that the requested data are adequate, relevant and not excessive for the use they have been asked for.

The collected personal data will be computerized by qualified employees of “Hijos de Jose Serrats S.A.”. The access to this data will be restricted except for the employees, who because of their job position, should have access to this information.

Our aim is to guarantee the security of the collected information and therefore, to prevent their modification, their loss or the non authorized access or processing thereof.

The aim of the collection and processing of the User’s personal information is not only to maintain and manage the commercial agreement, but also to offer the service required and to supply, at any time, the information that the User may need. In addition User’s personal information will be dealt with the maximum confidentiality, in order to send electronically or by other traditional means, future commercial communications, unless the User show the opposite to us within 15 days.

“Hijos de Jose Serrats, S.A.” does not oblige the Users at any moment to fill in the fields that are not relevant. However, there are some that must be filled in, to manage and to track the order. In addition, if these fields considered necessary are not filled in, the User will not be registered and therefore, he will not benefit from the advantages of being a Registered User.

“Hijos de Serrats S.A.” engages itself, whenever possible, to update and maintain the information collected from the users. Hijos de Jose Serrats S.A. assumes no responsibility for the thruthfulness of the provided personal data, the user being solely responsible for this information. On the other hand, the user can check his personal information, whenever he wishes to.

“Hijos de Jose Serrats S.A.” considers necessary to ask for the consent of the User in order to send electronically or by other traditional means, such information as: technical information, commercial information about the new products and updating of products. Also any other one that “Hijos de José Serrats, S.A.” may consider relevant.

“Hijos de Jose Serrats S.A.” informs users that it is possible to accede to, rectify and cancel the personal information supplied to Hijos de Jose Serrats. In order to exercise these rights and others that Users may deem of interest, Users should send a registered letter to the following address: Polígono Landabaso 3B, 48370 Bermeo. Users may also send an e-mail to the following e-mail address:


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