Tinned “sandwiches”

Margarita has shown that she is a big fan of our spicy sardines (just like we’re fans of her blog Acibechería) and is surprising us again with a truly original recipe that uses this product as the main feature.

What’s more, she not just shares the recipe, but also tells us about what sardines mean to her:

“Every time I make myself a tinned sardine sandwich I can’t avoid thinking about my father, images that will stay with me forever, and this is one of them: the sandwiches that mummy used to make daddy to eat at mid-morning at work. Enormous and well-wrapped, in brown paper or newspaper, something unthinkable nowadays. I won’t go into more stories about the use of these wrappings ;).

What I mean is that tinned sardines in olive oil, with tomato sauce, spicy, large or small, have always been one of my favourite sandwiches. However, only at home or where there is confidence, where you’re not ashamed to fill the sandwich with enough sardines for two or three normal sandwiches, so there you go… I like them with proper filling”.

That’s passion for sardines! 😉

Don’t miss her recipe, because you’ll be surprised, as it isn’t just any sandwich.


  • Dough – can be Chinese dough
  • Spicy sardines – one tin
  • Bacon – 4 fried slices
  • Spring onion – 1
  • Oil
  • Butter
  • Figs – 2, ripe
  • Honey – as a condiment


Margarita tells us that she prepares the dough with equal parts water and oil; salt and flour (whatever it’ll take); properly kneaded and leaving it to settle covered in cling film, even overnight. But she also says you can use Chinese dough.

  1. Sauté the finely chopped onion at very low heat, with equal parts of butter and oil. The amount of butter and oil depends on the size of the spring onion, but it must be sweated, not fried and burned. Rinse the oil from it well and set aside.
  2. Fry the bacon, without fat, and leave it to cool between two sheets of absorbent paper, with weight on top so that the slices are left completely flat.
  3. Peel the figs and make thin slices. Set aside.
  4. Make the filling: first a slice of bacon, then some caramelised onion, the sardine, the “queen of the sandwich”, and to give it a slightly fresh touch, the fig slice.
  5. With the dough, make long strips 2 to 3 cm wide and wrap the filling with them, like an Egyptian mummy.
  6. When the filling is completely wrapped in tasty dough, clasp it between the palms of your hands, carefully, so that it is properly sealed but without losing its shape.
  7. When we have all the “sandwiches” prepared, let them cool a bit and fry them in abundant extra virgin olive oil, which should be very hot so that the sandwich goes brown right after it is dipped in it (Margarita tells us that the sardine and the rest of the filling should not be fried because they would lose their delicious texture).
  8. Leave on absorbent paper to get rid of the excess oil and they are now ready to serve with honey. Margarita tells us that, in this case, she used acacia honey, but that they are also great with treacle.


An update of a true classic, thanks, Margarita!

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