White Tuna collar toasties

No matter how much we enjoy it, there are days when we just don’t have time to cook or we’re simply tired. Days when we just want to snack on something quick, but without giving up on something great-tasting.

The recipe sent in by Agustín (El bullir de Agus) is ideal for those moments, a nice, tasty snack that is really easy and quick to prepare.


  • White Tuna collar – 1 tin
  • Toasted bread with raisins – 8 slices
  • Cherry tomatoes – assorted, 4
  • Lamb’s lettuce
  • Alfalfa shoots
  • Mayonnaise


  1. Place the slices of toasted bread with raisins on a tray.
  2. On these, place some lamb’s lettuce leaves and some mayonnaise on top.
  3. Add half a strip of tuna collar and on this half a cherry tomato, previously washed and dried, and some fresh alfalfa shoots.

A quick and delicious snack, thanks Agustín!

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