White anchovy and braised courgette toast drizzled with garlic parsley oil

We know from other recipes she’s sent us that Silvia has a wonderful time “cooking up fun”. She’s also an expert in inventing new ways to use our preserves, as you can see from today’s recipe and a few more that she’s sent in that we’ll be sharing with you soon. The toasts shown here are ideal for any celebration and are guaranteed to make you look like a four-star chef.  They’re light, sophisticated and delicious, and drizzled in garlic parsley oil for that extra special flavour. Take a tip from Silvia—she really knows what she’s talking about!


  • Courgette
  • Conservas Serrats boquerones or white anchovies
  • Bread
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Fresh parsley
  • Garlic
  • Sea salt flakes


  • Wash the courgette and slice into thin rounds. Heat an electric griddle or frying pan, add a few drops of oil and cook the courgette.
  • Keep the heat high to achieve a golden “braised” look. Reserve for few seconds while you complete the next step.
  • Using the same griddle or frying pan, toast the slices of bread.
  • Finally, place the courgette, a few sea salt flakes and the white anchovy on the toast and drizzle with garlic parsley oil.
  • For the garlic parsley oil: beat the extra virgin olive oil with the sprigs of fresh parsley and garlic to your taste to create a smooth emulsion.


Outstanding toast, Silvia!


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