Warm tuna stew lasagne

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘mandoline’?
Some of you will think of the kitchen utensil, others of the musical instrument.
And for us, with your recipes, it’s all heavenly music.

In the case of Agustín (El Bulli…r….. de Agus), the mandoline came in handy to prepare the great tuna stew lasagne that we have for you today. Just wait and see how delicious it is!



  1. Peel the potato, clean it and cut it into thin slices using the mandoline (or a knife)
  2. After leaving the slices in water for some time so they release the starch, place them in boiling water with salt and pepper.
  3. Clean the red pepper and cut it with a square steel mould (the ones used for forming food). This way, we have a square piece of pepper of the size of the mould.
  4. Cut the onion into very thin slices with the mandoline (it can also be done with a knife).
  5. Place the slices of onion and the square piece of pepper in a bowl with a few drops of oil and some salt, and heat it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes.
  6. Open the cans of tuna and drain them, keeping the oil and brine separately.
  7. Clean and chop the tomato into very small pieces.
  8. Make a vinaigrette by mixing the pieces of tomato with the oil and brine (three parts oil to one of brine).
  9. Start making the layers on a plate using the square mould.
    1. The first layer, with the boiled and drained potato. Flatten the potato with a fork.
    2. The second layer, with tuna in oil. Flatten with the fork.
    3. For the third layer, we use the square piece of pepper.
    4. A layer of onion on top of the pepper.
    5. Then, a layer of tuna in brine. Flatten with the fork.
    6. And last of all, another layer of potato, which we also flatten with the fork.
    7. Remove the mould and pour the tomato vinaigrette over the lasagne.
    8. As a side dish, chop the garlic cloves and fry them. At the last moment, with the heat turned off, add a teaspoonful of paprika.
    9. Serve the warm lasagne with the garlic.

Delicious! Thanks, Agustín!

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