Tuna, celery and apple salad

The English say that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. And we won’t be the ones to dare question these people: apples have always been healthy, but even more so when in the excellent company of Mr Tuna and Mr Celery. Our friend Mari Paz knows this well.

In her blog Paz y Gloria en la cocina she says that she loves to mix sweet and sour flavours and add mayonnaise, like in this salad that she has sent us and which is a true classic among her recipes. And from now on, it can also be part of our own. Don’t know what to have for dinner tonight? This salad can be prepared in a jiffy. Take note!



  • We peel the apples and dice them.
  • Drain the white tuna.
  • Mix the tuna, celery stalks and diced apple in a salad bowl.
  • Add mayonnaise

Ready to serve!

Dinner sorted in record time. Thanks Mari Paz!


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