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Assorted tuna canapés

Assorted tuna canapés

We’re in the middle of winter and when it’s cold outside (cool, for those of us from the North) we might not feel like going out… So, how about inviting our friends round for a bite to eat at our place? Thanks to Silvia, we have the perfect recipe for this fantastic plan. Some white tuna three-in-one canapés that you’re going to love. Read more

White beans and tuna belly salad with chilli peppers on a bed of roasted peppers cream

White beans salad

Check out the fantastic dish we have for you today. A white beans and tuna belly salad, gloriously complimented by a peppers cream and piparras (typical chilli peppers from the Basque province of Gipuzkoa). This luxurious dish is the fruit of the gourmet talents of our friend Virginia. We’re certain that it will delight the palates of everyone who tries it! Virginia’s talents are not only limited to this delicious salad; a glance at some of the recipes at Sweet & Sour shows us that she can turn her hand to anything. Do you fancy giving this dish a try? Hello? Is there anybody there? I can only assume that you’ve all run off to grab your best crockery.  I’m not in the least surprised! Read more