Seafood tacos


Ándele,  marinerito! Esther‘s recipe combines Mexican cuisine with the best products of the Cantabrian sea. We encourage you to try her seafood tacos. You won’t regret it! And if you want more ideas to surprise the whole family, you can visit her blog Mummy what’s for lunch, where there is a huge collection of “tasty ideas for edible children”


  • White Tuna neck (cogote) – 2 tins
  • Mussels in brine – 2 tins
  • Corn bread for tacos – 6 (they can also be wheat bread)
  • Garlic scapes
  • Jalapeño pepper – 1
  • Lamb’s lettuce – 1 bag
  • Cherry tomatoes – 12 (of different colours)
  • For the taco sauce
    • Mayonnaise – 5 tbsp
    • Brine – 5 tsp
    • Kimchi – 1 tsp


  1. Prepare the sauce by mixing in a bowl the mayonnaise, the brine and the kimchi(you can find it in shops specialising in Asian food). Try it and correct with each ingredient to taste. If you can’t find kimchi, you can make the sauce with just the mayonnaise and the brine.
  2. Heat the bread in a frying pan.
  3. Place them on a cloth and add a few lamb lettuce leaves and the White Tuna collar fillets on top.
  4. Add the mussels and some cherry tomato halves.
  5. Finish off with some garlic scapes and some slices of jalapeño pepper.
  6. Pour sauce to taste on top.

Another way to make the tacos is that each person makes their own:

  1. Heat the pieces of taco bread and wrap them in a cloth so they don’t cool down.
  2. Put each ingredient in a separate bowl.
  3. Each person prepares their own taco.

A delicious combination, thanks Esther!

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