Savoury Serrats Bytes

When Maite uses here imagination there’s no stopping her. Remember her fake ice cream, and her Bloody Mary? All her recipes have one thing in common: an element of surprise in the presentation. Today is no different: using a selection of delicious, easy-to-make bites from Conservas Serrats(and a brick!), she’s concocted a fantastic snack recipe. Break the taboos surrounding cooking and presenting dishes. Original, fun compositions are always a success.  Follow Maite’s recipes to discover lots of ideas yourself!



  • Roll out the pastry and cut out different shapes with a biscuit cutter
  • Brush the “bites” with beaten egg and cover with the white tuna and anchovies
  • Bake in the oven at 190º C until golden brown
  • As soon as you take the “bites” out of the oven place on the skewers
  • Decorate with sesame, poppy or sunflower seeds, etc.

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