Do you know Meatless Monday? We talked about this campaign or movement in the third nutrition & health event, but today, as it really is a Monday, we will examine its objectives in greater depth and the possible alternatives for our dishes; that is, what to eat on Meatless Mondays.

As its slogan says, Meatless Mondays is a campaign that consists of not eating meat on Mondays throughout the year. But what are the objectives of not eating meat one day a week? There are several, including the following:

  • The positive impact on the emission of greenhouse gases. By not eating meat for a day, the emission of these gases is reduced by 12% due to the livestock-related effects in this process.
  • Better health There is an indirect relationship between meat consumption and degenerative diseases, increased cholesterol, triglycerides and some cancers…
  • The campaign intends to reduce the use of cereal for animal consumption and to make it available for human consumption: to feed each animal intended for human consumption, about 15 to 20 kg of cereal are used to produce 1 kg of meat.
  • For each person who joins the campaign, 14 animals per year will not be slaughtered.

Ideas or recipes for meatless Mondays

Joining the Meatless Monday campaign is very easy, because there are many alternatives to meat. Eggs, vegetables, soya derivatives… For example, at the last nutrition and health event, we talked about textured soy and tofu, amongst other alternatives to meat.

It is never too late to join this movement, so today we will leave you with some ideas for meat-free dishes that you can prepare:

  • Tofu marinated with vegetables (tofu is a derivative of soya).
  • Textured soy (which resembles chicken meat) with courgettes noodles and sautéed vegetables.
  • Grilled seitan with vegetables.
  • Tempeh (also derived from soya) grilled with vegetables.
  • Vegetable burgers with vegetables and cereal.

And much, much more. Can you tell us about your meat-free recipes?

Dr. Arantza López-Ocaña

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