Anchovies and white tuna skewers

What can we say about Gildas that hasn’t already been said? This little skewer is a classic that never disappoints.

They say that it’s named after the main character of the film Gilda, played by Rita Hayworth… Well, in Irantxe’s recipe, the star is accompanied by quite the leading man: “Bonito del Norte” (‘The Handsome Northerner’, Spanish for White Tuna). Very well put



  1. We insert the toothpick into each “skewer” ingredient in whatever order we like.
    • For classic Gildas: an olive, a pickled pepper, and a fillet of Cantabrian anchovy.
    • For the “company”: an olive, a piece of Longfinned Tuna, a drop slice of chive, and a pickled pepper.
  2. Place all the skewers in a plastic container and drizzle with some of the anchovy and tuna oil.
  3. Close the container and shake it a little to mix well.

Anchovies and white tuna skewers

Ready to enjoy!


Irresistible, thanks Iratxe!

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