Fish and fruit salad

Dear friends, how is the start of the new year going for you? Have you used any of the Christmas canapé recipes? And what about Santa? Did you get what you wanted? We’re delighted with all the recipes that he left us in our stockings. Thanks for remembering us when writing your letters to him! 😉

Today is when things go back to normal. The kids are back at school and we’re back with our recipe competition. And after a few days of dinners, lunches, drinks, desserts and assorted chocolates, what better than a salad? But not just any salad. How about a wholesome fruit and fish salad like the one sent in by our friend Agustín from El bullir de Agus?



  1. Place on a tray a bed of lamb’s lettuce leaves, and on this a layer of Serrats mussels in brine (set aside the brine).
  2. Add a layer of mixed lettuce leaves (romaine, lollo rosso, oak leaf, iceberg…).
  3. Separate the slices of smoked salmon in strips and spread them around the lettuce.
  4. Chop the gherkins and pickled onions and spread them around the salad.
  5. Peel the mango and cut it into strips.
  6. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half.
  7. Distribute the pieces of mango and tomatoes around the salad.
  8. Remove the pomegranate grains and sprinkle them over the salad.
  9. Drain the anchovies (it is advisable to remove them from the fridge some time beforehand) and place them on the salad.
  10. Make a vinaigrette with the brine from the mussels, 3 spoonfuls of tarragon mustard, the lime juice, salt and pepper. Mix well and pour over the salad.

Ready to serve!


A very nutritious and tasty salad! Thanks, Agustín!

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