Do you know the benefits of avocado? We are aware that many of you love it, since you used it in many recipes. Therefore, we dedicate our monthly post about nutrition and health to this interesting food.

Although many may think it is a vegetable, avocado is a fruit; however, unlike the latter, which have a high percentage of carbohyDrtes, avocado is very rich in fats. Obviously, they are mono-unsaturated fats, such as olive oil, which provide it with some highly nutritional properties.

Among other reasons, these monounsaturated fats make avocado a very interesting food to regulate cholesterol values ​​and help prevent cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis. Of course, along with other measures such as not smoking, controlling overweight and stress, exercising…

Moreover, the avocado is rich in magnesium and vitamins of the B group that, together with the unsaturated fatty acids, constitute an excellent group of nutrients for the brain (something to keep in mind, especially in periods of anxiety and stress). In addition, it is packed with vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent degenerative diseases such as hypertension, dementia…

Recipes with avocado

Besides its many benefits, avocado tastes wonderful! This blog includes several recipes with avocado and fish preserves, but we have selected 5 of them:

Avocado with anchovies, piquillo peppers and black garlic

Avocado with anchovies, piquillo peppers and black garlic

We selected this recipe for the black garlic, which delicious sweet taste contrasts perfectly with that of anchovies. From a nutritional standpoint, we can underline its antioxidants intake and powerful antibiotic action. In addition, this type of garlic leaves no mouth odor, nor causes digestive problems.

Sardine pintxo with guacamole and pomegranate

Sardines with guacamole and pomegranate ‘pintxo’

This recipe stands out for the intake of antioxidants (help fight free radicals, responsible for cellular aging) of the pomegranate (in general, all red and black berries are packed with antioxidants).

Avocado and Cantabrian anchovies toast

Avocado toast with Cantabrian anchovies

Endives with guacamole, anchovies and tuna belly

Endives with guacamole

Serrats white tuna neck (“cogote”) salad

cogote salad

Other nutritional notes

It is advisable to replace white bread or loaf with quality whole grain bread, and to use the least processed foods possible (for example, due to its high sugar content, we recommend substituting Modena vinegar with another type of vinegar).

Moreover, people who need to limit their salt intake should consider the salt content of anchovies and, for example, avoid adding salt to the recipe (if a salad has anchovies, avoid adding salt to the seasoning).

Finally, it is key to remember that all these tips and recipes must be part of a healthy lifestyle including other important habits such as regular exercise, healthy diet, good sleep…

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