Anchovy and tartar sauce sandwich

Today we have a special recipe for you! We want to share with you the fantastic pintxos that Lanbide Hastapena prepared for our stand at the Fish Fair, the profits of which we destined to Kate Sarea Association. Today we have the first of them for you: a tasty tartar sauce and salted anchovy in vinaigrette sandwich.



  1. Prepare a thick mayonnaise.
  2. To make the tartar sauce, add the finely chopped boiled egg, capers, onion, gherkins and parsley to the mayonnaise.
  3. Make a salted anchovy purée and another anchovy in vinegar one.
  4. Divide the tartar sauce in two parts.
  5. Add one of the anchovy purées to each part.
  6. Assemble a sandwich by alternating slices of bread and the purées.
  7. Decorate the sandwich with a piece each of salted anchovies and anchovies in vinegar and a strip of piquillo pepper.
  8. Give the decoration a shine with a dash of olive oil.

 Delicious! Thank you very much for your cooperation!

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