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Gratinéed piquillo peppers with White Tuna

Gratinéed piquillo peppers with White Tuna

Gratinéed food gives such great results in the kitchen! It’s always delicious, and if we also use top quality ingredients… We have a first-class meal! In this recipe by Sara, the winning combination is formed by our dear White Tuna and some delicious piquillo peppers. Take note and we encourage you to prepare it this weekend, a sure winner! Read more

Tuna and prawn cannelloni


Are you allergic to lactose? Do you prefer to eat gluten-free food? Then this is your recipe!

Bárbara from the blog www.cocinasin.com has this great lactose and gluten-free tuna and prawn cannelloni recipe.

I don’t know about you, but I can already picture it in my mind: pasta filled with our best tasty and wholesome tuna, mouth-watering king prawns… And all this covered in a white sauce that will have you licking your fingers… Not even in my best dreams…

Who’s up for it?

Ah, I almost forgot; this is a really healthy recipe as it is gluten and lactose-free… A real treat my friends…

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Eggs filled with white sauce

Eggs filled with white sauce

After the visit from Santa it’s now time to go back to normal, so today we have a delicious dish for you that will give you energy and joy to return to normality. This dish is by Juana, and you know the spectacular food that comes out of Juani’s kitchen. Read more