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Home-made white tuna and piquillo pepper pizza

Home-made white tuna and piquillo pepper pizza

A home-made pizza is one of those gastronomic pleasures that no one can resist. The flavour and texture of a home-made dough is a delicacy… and if you add such lovely ingredients as those in this recipe by Sara, success is more than guaranteed. Read more

Seafood Fideuá


Seafood Fideua Serrats

Today we will teleport ourselves to a terrace close to your favourite beach. Is there any dish with more of the flavour and aroma of a holiday beside the sea than a seafood fideuá? A very Mediterranean recipe, but with a touch of the Rías Gallegas provided by our mussels.

We invite you to close your eyes and get carried away by Mi Dulce Tentación that Silvia proposes for us.

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Tuna and prawn cannelloni


Are you allergic to lactose? Do you prefer to eat gluten-free food? Then this is your recipe!

Bárbara from the blog www.cocinasin.com has this great lactose and gluten-free tuna and prawn cannelloni recipe.

I don’t know about you, but I can already picture it in my mind: pasta filled with our best tasty and wholesome tuna, mouth-watering king prawns… And all this covered in a white sauce that will have you licking your fingers… Not even in my best dreams…

Who’s up for it?

Ah, I almost forgot; this is a really healthy recipe as it is gluten and lactose-free… A real treat my friends…

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Duo of Serrats canapés

Duo of Serrats canapés

Today in our recipe competition we have a double recipe sent in by Jaume, from the Going out, eating, drinking… blog. And what are the main features when we go out to drink something with a bite to eat? Exactly, “pintxos” (small snacks) or canapés! But this time instead of going out, we’ll prepare them at home. Read more

Sardines with ajoblanco (chilled garlic soup) and apple confit

Sardines with ajoblanco (chilled   garlic soup) and apple confit

Dolores is taking part again in our recipe competition. And we’re delighted, because today she is surprising us with a refreshing combination of sardines and ajoblanco, with a touch of apple confit. We encourage you to try this recipe at home.  Read more

Homemade anchovy and date pizza

Homemade anchovy and date pizza

The homemade pizza base and the original combination of ingredients are some of the secrets of this recipe which has been sent in by La cocina de Juani. Now these secrets can be yours, because Juana has taken part in our recipe competition with her homemade anchovy and date pizza. Don’t miss a thing: Read more

Tuna calzone

Tuna calzone

Between pizza and pastry, calzone is a speciality from Naples which, like many other Italian recipes, has travelled the world to arrive at our kitchens. Today, we have the “piacere” of enjoying Olivia’s recipe, a fantastic tuna calzone with homemade dough. Read more

Seafood bite

Fantastic recipe from a fantastically creative mind! Just look at this seafood bite that Pedro has sent us: elaborate, snazzy and 100% original. A crispy spiral wrapped around an anchovy with seaweed, fig and that special touch that a Pedro Ximenez reduction brings to every dish. The Pedro behind this recipe has made an amazing first impression on us. He’s also invited us to take a look at “Gastrobecario“, a blog with varied topics where you’re just as likely to stumble across a review as a recipe or cooking tip. Anyhow, he’s already given us plenty to do: make a spiral and fill it with style and ingenuity! Read more

Bloody Mary with Serrats Anchovies

bloody mary serrats

We’ve always known that Conservas Serrats fish preserves can be used in all kinds of dishes—at least if the variety of recipes you send in are anything to go by—but until now we’d never seen them used as a cocktail ingredient!  It’s occurred to Maite that a few anchovies might be the perfect garnish for a Bloody Mary, that special mix for after a night on the town that they say can resurrect you from the dead. And judging from the ingredients, we’re convinced it must be true. Maite, you’ve found a whole new dimension for our products! Read more