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Assorted tuna canapés

Assorted tuna canapés

We’re in the middle of winter and when it’s cold outside (cool, for those of us from the North) we might not feel like going out… So, how about inviting our friends round for a bite to eat at our place? Thanks to Silvia, we have the perfect recipe for this fantastic plan. Some white tuna three-in-one canapés that you’re going to love. Read more

Chickpea salad with anchovies

Chickpea salad with Cantabrian anchovies


Angustias has sent in the perfect recipe for the office. Easy and nutritious, ideal for charging your batteries before a long day at work. The chickpeas give you the power and our Serrats anchovies the happiness. What more can you ask for?  Read more

Gnocchi salad with white tuna and mussels


Gnocchi salad with tuna and mussels

Oh, how we love gnocchi, so tasty and Italian. Fructuoso has sent in this salad with a taste of Italy. This is the best way to approach the boot-shaped country and enjoy its food from a distance.

This salad has it all. The Italian touch and Serrats mussels and white tuna. What more could you need? Apparently nothing.

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Chickpea salad


Tasty, healthy and appetising. That’s the recipe that La Cocina de Juani proposes for us today. It can do as a single dish, to take to work, and also as a snack during a family meal. Oh, and it’s really easy to prepare! So no excuses to get down to it.

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Italian Marmitako (Tuna Stew)


Today, BulliRdeAgus proposes an Italian-Basque dish. Imagine you’re in Tuscany at one of those tables with one of those typical red and white chequered tablecloths, going through your eight Basque surnames while you tuck into an Italian marmitako prepared with our Serrats fish preserves. What a plan, eh? Well let’s get down to it.

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Rice and mussels salad

inglés ensalada-arroz-mejillonesMussels deserve an ovation. They are a seafood with a special flavour, a great source of iodine and omega3, and are also rich in vitamin B2, selenium and manganese. Oh, and they’re pure protein. What more can you ask for?

Once you start you just can’t stop eating them.

Eneko, who is very smart, already knows all this and has sent in a recipe for our competition. What do you say we combine these mussels with some rice in a tasty and fresh salad?

Pure pleasure.

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White Tuna and warm pepper salad


Have you started to go through your new year’s resolutions? Not yet? One of the most common is to eat healthier or lighter foods, so we’re convinced that this recipe by Iratxe will be perfect for many of you. That’s today’s dinner sorted!

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Mussels in vinaigrette with marinated anchovies

Mussels in vinaigrette with marinated anchovies

Today we have a light, refreshing, tasty and very healthy recipe for you. It’s by Rosario, who is making her début in our recipe competition with a classic that are mussels in vinaigrette, but with a special touch of her own added. ;) Read more

Country salad with tuna

Country salad with tuna

What better to face the high temperatures than a nice cool salad? Well, a complete country salad like this one!  María is wielding her wooden spoon again to prepare one of her delicacies for our recipe competition. An easily prepared recipe that’s ideal for this hot weather. Read more

Guacamole “pintxos” with White Tuna

Guacamole "pintxos" with White Tuna

It’s Friday and the weather’s good! What more can you ask for? Well, maybe, now that you ask… some nice pintxos! Wish granted!

After last week’s tartar sandwich with anchovies, today we have another of the delicious pintxos that Lanbide Hastapena made for our stand at the Arrain Azoka: a delicious guacamole pintxo with White Tuna. Read more