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Courgette eight balls stuffed with white tuna and prawns

Courgette eight balls stuffed with white tuna and prawns


Margarita, a true expert in the kitchen among friends, invites us to enjoy a tasty combination of flavours and a pleasant presentation with these courgette eight balls stuffed with white tuna and prawns. Any takers? We didn’t hesitate for a second. Read more

Fisherman’s flatbread

Fisherman’s flatbread

Today we have a tempting seafood snack by Marino. A delicious fisherman’s flatbread with vegetables and white tuna belly. The best of the land and the sea on a crunchy dough. Impossible to eat just one! Read more

Piquillo peppers stuffed with white tuna and prawns

Piquillo peppers stuffed with tuna and prawns

How many stuffed pepper recipes do you know? Lots of them I’m sure, because they’re very versatile. Hot and cold, with all sorts of fillings. Today we’ll try David‘s recipe, some mouth-watering peppers stuffed with White Tuna and prawns. The recipes you can find on his blog, La cocina de Gibello, are also also mouth-watering.

Try these peppers, and tell us how they went ;) Read more

Baked tuna pasties


We can just see the revelry around the table at Alfonso‘s house. You can tell he’s A cooking whiz dad, because he’s sent us a recipe that is sure to delight the kids, who can also have a great time helping to prepare it. In addition, Alfonso prepares his pasties in the oven, so we can forget about deep-frying (Spanish pasties are normally deep-fried). Everyone’s happy! Read more