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Puff pastry with anchovies and blue cheese

Puff pastry with anchovies and blue cheese

When we see a picture of a puff pastry like the one sent in to us by Pilar, we start to daydream imagining the delicious filling that it might be hiding. Of course, although we imagine all kinds of ingredients, there’s one that’s never missing: canned fish. What filling are you imagining? Have a look at this recipe, which is sure to inspire you. Read more

Savoury Serrats Bites

 Savoury Serrats Bytes

When Maite uses here imagination there’s no stopping her. Remember her fake ice cream, and her Bloody Mary? All her recipes have one thing in common: an element of surprise in the presentation. Today is no different: using a selection of delicious, easy-to-make bites from Conservas Serrats(and a brick!), she’s concocted a fantastic snack recipe. Break the taboos surrounding cooking and presenting dishes. Original, fun compositions are always a success.  Follow Maite’s recipes to discover lots of ideas yourself! Read more