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Fish and fruit salad

Fish and fruit salad

Dear friends, how is the start of the new year going for you? Have you used any of the Christmas canapé recipes? And what about Santa? Did you get what you wanted? We’re delighted with all the recipes that he left us in our stockings. Thanks for remembering us when writing your letters to him! ;)

Today is when things go back to normal. The kids are back at school and we’re back with our recipe competition. And after a few days of dinners, lunches, drinks, desserts and assorted chocolates, what better than a salad? But not just any salad. How about a wholesome fruit and fish salad like the one sent in by our friend Agustín from El bullir de Agus? Read more

‘Happy’ salad

Happy Salad

Irene is back with another colourful and unique recipe: ‘Happy’ salad.  This salad is bursting with originality, colour, and an assortment of ingredients… It marks a total departure from a typical salad and is a feast for both our eyes and our palates.  The name of the recipe sums it up perfectly… you take one look at it and you feel on top of the world!! Let’s give it a try. What do you say? Read more