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Christmas canapés: Mussel beignets

Christmas canapés: Mussel beignets

Today in our Christmas canapé competition, we present some deliciously original mussel beignets. Margarita, from the Acibechería blog, has shared with us one of the snacks she’ll be preparing for her Christmas family meal. We’re sure that success is guaranteed! If you also want to succeed, take note of this recipe. Read more

Tuna and shrimp mini flans with pink sauce

Tuna and shrimp mini flans

There are dishes that can put a smile on our face and make our mouth water with just the presentation. And if they are as delicious as today’s recipe, our guests will be thrilled. Dolores has delighted us again with her creativity when presenting her dishes, with these charming tuna and shrimp flans.

Ready to go into the kitchen? Read more