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White Tuna sandwich with green pepper and guacamole

White Tuna sandwich with green pepper and guacamole

Today’s recipe is one of the many examples of how being proactive can help save a lot of time in the kitchen. Iratxe tells us that when she prepares any dish in the oven, she takes the opportunity to roast a few peppers and store them to be used when she doesn’t have time to cook; for example, as an accompaniment to grilled meat or fish, or in sandwiches as tasty as this one with White Tuna.  Read more

American-style tuna burgers

American-style tuna burgers

These appetising tuna burgers are by Iratxe, who confesses that the recipe is the result of the purest culinary chance. Apparently, in Iratxe’s house the are (or were) fans of hamburgers with buns, sauces and gherkins, but some time ago they decided to eat less meat and more fish… One day, at dinner time, Iratxe decided to replace the meat patty with white tuna. And that’s how the American-style tuna burgers were born. And we love the idea. How about you? Read more

Sardines with guacamole and pomegranate ‘pintxo’


We’re starting Thursday with enthusiasm. Iosu has prepared a snack for us. How to define it? As the song goes, Sabor de amor, todo me sabe a ti (It tastes of love, tastes of you) a must in cuisine without complications; in short, unbeatable.

Guacamole, pomegranates and our small sardines. What an aphrodisiac mixture! The germ of life, of the good life. Friends, prepare these pintxos, serve some drinks and enjoy. Enjoy as if there was no tomorrow. Delight yourselves.

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Endive with guacamole, anchovies and white tuna belly


Today we have a strong dish. We’re going to dear Mexico to prepare this recipe that Eneko sent in. A perfect snack to share among friends. And if we accompany it with some good tequila and a ranchera by Jorge Negrete, what do you say? Brilliant. Ándale, ándale!

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Christmas Appetizer: Mussel cream with guacamole tarts

Christmas Appetizer: mussel cream with guacamole tarts

The year is coming to an end and Dolores has pleasantly surprised us again by sending in one of her recipes. An ideal recipe for the New Year’s Eve dinner: very easy to prepare but with a result that will surprise the whole family. As she says herself on her blog Mi gran diversión, “there’s no need to get complicated with all the appetisers; if some are easy, quick to make and tasty, why look further?”. Read more

Christmas Appetizer: Seafood quintet

Christmas Appetizer: seafood quintet

At Juani’s kitchen they don’t do things by halves when it comes to Christmas Appetizer, so while she’s at it, Juana has prepared a variety of delicious appetizers with the best of the sea. A delicious seafood quintet that will guarantee your success. Read more