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Rice and white tuna croquettes

Rice and white tuna croquettes

Today we present Margarita’s rice croquettes, a delicious snack to be shared among friends, that will make your mouth water. Those attractive golden pears are a sight to see, aren’t they? Imagine the pleasure of sinking your teeth into them and discovering the White Tuna they hide inside… Read more

Tuna croquettes with a kitchen robot

Tuna croquettes

There are several dishes that have a well-deserved place in the Olympus of our gastronomy, for example croquettes. Crunchy and golden on the outside, creamy inside; with egg, meat, fish… Everyone has a favourite: granny’s croquettes, the ones down at the bar… and those by Maria Luisa, who is taking part again in our recipe competition with some tuna croquettes that are seriously tasty, and which she prepares in a very simple way thanks to her kitchen robot. We invite you to try them and to have a look at her blog Biendespachao, where you can find loads of mouthwatering recipes. Read more