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Assorted tuna canapés

Assorted tuna canapés

We’re in the middle of winter and when it’s cold outside (cool, for those of us from the North) we might not feel like going out… So, how about inviting our friends round for a bite to eat at our place? Thanks to Silvia, we have the perfect recipe for this fantastic plan. Some white tuna three-in-one canapés that you’re going to love. Read more

Sardines with guacamole and pomegranate ‘pintxo’


We’re starting Thursday with enthusiasm. Iosu has prepared a snack for us. How to define it? As the song goes, Sabor de amor, todo me sabe a ti (It tastes of love, tastes of you) a must in cuisine without complications; in short, unbeatable.

Guacamole, pomegranates and our small sardines. What an aphrodisiac mixture! The germ of life, of the good life. Friends, prepare these pintxos, serve some drinks and enjoy. Enjoy as if there was no tomorrow. Delight yourselves.

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