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Eggs stuffed with white tuna and avocado

Eggs stuffed with tuna and avocado

We just love stuffed eggs! One of the reasons is that they can take all kinds of ingredients, although our favourite are those that include tinned fish. Like these by María Rosa, with White Tuna and avocado. Don’t miss her recipe! If you prepare it, success is guaranteed. Read more

Avocado with anchovies, piquillo peppers and black garlic

Avocado with anchovies, piquillo peppers and black garlic

You probably already know how well Cantabrian anchovies go with avocado or piquillo peppers. Well, imagine what this recipe that Manuel has sent in to us is like, combining these three great ingredients with mastery and adding a very personal touch.

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Christmas canapés: “Sardussel” millefeuille

Christmas canapés: sardine and mussel millefeuille

We’re heading towards the final stretch of the Christmas canapé competition with this recipe by Margarita, the author of the Acibechería blog: a millefeuille with sardines and mussels. Sard-ussels.

A simple recipe with a great result. However, Margarita warns us that we should make at least two millefeuilles per person, because they’re so tasty one just isn’t enough. Read more

Avocado stuffed with Cantabrian anchovies and tuna

Avocado stuffed with Cantabrian anchovies and tuna

Avocado goes extremely well with our tinned fish! With Cantabrian anchovies, with different types of tuna… We can create gold medal dishes such as this idea that Margarita, from the blog Entre amigos (“Among Friends”), has sent in for our recipe competition. And “among friends” is exactly how we are going to enjoy this dish. Bon appétit! Read more

White Tuna and King Prawn Wraps


The Saca el Cucharón blog brings us an easy and delicious recipe. These wraps filled with white tuna, king prawns and mayonnaise are fantastic. A dish that will help you score lots of points at any lunch-aperitif-dinner with your friends, that you will surely organise these summer days. What are you waiting for?

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Sardines with guacamole and pomegranate ‘pintxo’


We’re starting Thursday with enthusiasm. Iosu has prepared a snack for us. How to define it? As the song goes, Sabor de amor, todo me sabe a ti (It tastes of love, tastes of you) a must in cuisine without complications; in short, unbeatable.

Guacamole, pomegranates and our small sardines. What an aphrodisiac mixture! The germ of life, of the good life. Friends, prepare these pintxos, serve some drinks and enjoy. Enjoy as if there was no tomorrow. Delight yourselves.

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Mini white tuna sandwich


Mini-size, maxi-quality! These mini sandwiches that Blanca proposes can become the perfect starter for a party meal. Very easy to prepare and all the ingredients are cold, so it’s very little work. We’re going to get started right now!

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Serrats cogote pintxos



Friends, today is the easy and tasty recipe day. Our friend Iratxe knows that we are hopeless in the kitchen and has sent in a recipe that even the most incompetent person can prepare. Thanks for thinking about us, dear!

The thing is, as well as being a very simple pintxo, it’s a delicacy fit for gods. Let’s get down to business.
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Guacamole “pintxos” with White Tuna

Guacamole "pintxos" with White Tuna

It’s Friday and the weather’s good! What more can you ask for? Well, maybe, now that you ask… some nice pintxos! Wish granted!

After last week’s tartar sandwich with anchovies, today we have another of the delicious pintxos that Lanbide Hastapena made for our stand at the Arrain Azoka: a delicious guacamole pintxo with White Tuna. Read more

Avocados stuffed with tuna and chicken

Avocados stuffed with tuna and chicken

After selecting the winners of the Christmas canapé competition, we return to our regular recipe competition! Today it’s the turn of Olivia, who has sent us a recipe for nutritious avocados stuffed with tuna and chicken.

Olivia tells us that this recipe not only works well with chicken and tuna, but also with crab sticks, hard-boiled egg, peeled prawns… Let your imagination run wild! We invite you to try her recipe and make your own stuffed avocados. What will your secret ingredient be? Read more