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Trapani-style macaroni

Trapani-style macaroni

Today it´s the turn of Italian cuisine, everyone. Sicilian, to be precise. And more specifically, from Trapani, the westernmost province of the island. Today we´re on our travels with Agnes (Sabor a cocina) and her Trapani-style macaroni.  Take a look at this recipe, because in 30 minutes it will help you make a very tasty dish. Read more

Isbilia rice salad

Isbilia rice salad

The salad is one of the dishes that allows the most imagination, as we can add practically anything we can think of. Whatever it is we have in the fridge and the larder, we can always prepare one. However, in our case there’s something that is always a must: tinned fish.

Today, for example, we’re going to prepare a rice and nut salad with white tuna, using this recipe sent in to us by María José. What about you? You’ll see how easy and tasty it is! Read more

White tuna pastries


img_1239-3Our white tuna is so nice. La Cocina de Juani brings us this recipe that is delight for the senses. Mouthfuls of pure love for our canned fish. Mouthfuls of happiness.

Who could resist these white tuna pastries? Let’s get started.

Read more

Sardines with ajoblanco (chilled garlic soup) and apple confit

Sardines with ajoblanco (chilled   garlic soup) and apple confit

Dolores is taking part again in our recipe competition. And we’re delighted, because today she is surprising us with a refreshing combination of sardines and ajoblanco, with a touch of apple confit. We encourage you to try this recipe at home.  Read more