Endives with picón blue cheese and anchovies

Endives with picón blue cheese and anchovies

Endives for some, chicory for others; but to be honest, we get a bit “envious” when we see photos of your recipes and we can’t go to the kitchen immediately to prepare and try them. That’s what happened to us today with the recipe sent in by Silvia, who we love to play in the kitchen with. Read more

Piquillo peppers stuffed with white tuna in hot pepper sauce

Piquillo peppers stuffed with white tuna in hot pepper sauce

Does the postman always ring twice? If it is to deliver a recipe by Mª Isabel, we’re more than happy if he rings three, four… as many times as he wants! Last month she already delighted us with a white tuna pudding where she took care of every last detail and now she’s back with some peppers filled with white tuna that will make your guests feel like they are eating at a king’s table.

I don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to go to the kitchen Shall we begin? Read more

Pasta with white tuna and mascarpone

Pasta with tuna and mascarpone

“Volare, oh, oh; cantare, oh, oh, oh, oh!” Don’t worry, I’ve not given up recipes for singing lessons! The thing is today we’re travelling to Italy with Paola, who invites us in to her cucina. If you’d like to learn more about authentic Italian cuisine, don’t miss out on her blog Con Paola in cucina.

She tells us today’s recipe is simple, but extremely delicious. Let’s give it a try. What do you say? Andiamo! Read more

Baked tuna pasties


We can just see the revelry around the table at Alfonso‘s house. You can tell he’s A cooking whiz dad, because he’s sent us a recipe that is sure to delight the kids, who can also have a great time helping to prepare it. In addition, Alfonso prepares his pasties in the oven, so we can forget about deep-frying (Spanish pasties are normally deep-fried). Everyone’s happy! Read more

White tuna pudding

White tuna pudding

You can’t imagine how happy we were to receive today’s recipe! All your recipes liven up our day and make us smack our lips, but who doesn’t feel excited when they check their letterbox and it isn’t a letter from the bank, or a bill for water, electricity or something else? Mª Isabel sent us her letter in the post and it just shows you how fond she is of craftsmanship, from hand-made breadcrumbs to the dispatch method, including the careful lack of focus in the photo and the choice of our gourmet tinned food.  ;)

Shall we get started? Read more

Cockles with orange

Berberechos with orange

To keep the St Valentine’s spirit going, today we’re bringing you the perfect recipe to impress your better half. It was sent by Charo, who once again blew us away with her original and delicious recipes. You don’t have to be psychic to know what will be the first words of anyone who takes a bite of this:  ”Mmmm, delicious!!“.

Let’s get cookin’! It’s hard to believe, but with just four ingredients you’ll have a fantastic appetizer in less than a heartbeat. Let’s get cracking! Read more

Tuna, celery and apple salad

Tuna, celery and apple salad

The English say that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. And we won’t be the ones to dare question these people: apples have always been healthy, but even more so when in the excellent company of Mr Tuna and Mr Celery. Our friend Mari Paz knows this well.

In her blog Paz y Gloria en la cocina she says that she loves to mix sweet and sour flavours and add mayonnaise, like in this salad that she has sent us and which is a true classic among her recipes. Read more

Tuna and shrimp mini flans with pink sauce

Tuna and shrimp mini flans

There are dishes that can put a smile on our face and make our mouth water with just the presentation. And if they are as delicious as today’s recipe, our guests will be thrilled. Dolores has delighted us again with her creativity when presenting her dishes, with these charming tuna and shrimp flans.

Ready to go into the kitchen? Read more

Seafood bite

Fantastic recipe from a fantastically creative mind! Just look at this seafood bite that Pedro has sent us: elaborate, snazzy and 100% original. A crispy spiral wrapped around an anchovy with seaweed, fig and that special touch that a Pedro Ximenez reduction brings to every dish. The Pedro behind this recipe has made an amazing first impression on us. He’s also invited us to take a look at “Gastrobecario“, a blog with varied topics where you’re just as likely to stumble across a review as a recipe or cooking tip. Anyhow, he’s already given us plenty to do: make a spiral and fill it with style and ingenuity! Read more

Rice salad with white tuna cogote

Our friend Jon has sent in this fresh, light and highly appealing recipe. Rice salad with cogote, the tender neck of white tuna. Still not tried our cogote? Shock, horror… You’re missing the juiciest, softest and most delicate part of the tuna! It works really well in a salad, as you’ll see for yourselves if you try your hand at today’s recipe. And what’s more, you’ll be brimming with Omega-3 and the rice will give you enough energy to keep going for the rest of the day. Tempting, isn’t it? Well, now you have a great supper idea for tonight. Read more