Seafood bite

Fantastic recipe from a fantastically creative mind! Just look at this seafood bite that Pedro has sent us: elaborate, snazzy and 100% original. A crispy spiral wrapped around an anchovy with seaweed, fig and that special touch that a Pedro Ximenez reduction brings to every dish. The Pedro behind this recipe has made an amazing first impression on us. He’s also invited us to take a look at “Gastrobecario“, a blog with varied topics where you’re just as likely to stumble across a review as a recipe or cooking tip. Anyhow, he’s already given us plenty to do: make a spiral and fill it with style and ingenuity! Read more

Rice salad with white tuna cogote

Our friend Jon has sent in this fresh, light and highly appealing recipe. Rice salad with cogote, the tender neck of white tuna. Still not tried our cogote? Shock, horror… You’re missing the juiciest, softest and most delicate part of the tuna! It works really well in a salad, as you’ll see for yourselves if you try your hand at today’s recipe. And what’s more, you’ll be brimming with Omega-3 and the rice will give you enough energy to keep going for the rest of the day. Tempting, isn’t it? Well, now you have a great supper idea for tonight. Read more

Tagliatelle puttanesca


This is not the first time we’ve used puttanesca sauce for a pasta dish. We just love the texture and the powerful, unmistakable flavour it brings to white tuna and anchovies. And we have to confess that Silvia’s version has become our favourite!  Of course, that’s hardly surprising as she spends her days over the stove, so you can always expect excellent recipes from Silvia, as you will see on her blog Jugando a las cocinitas.  So we invite you to try this dish and then watch everyone’s mouth water in anticipation when you serve it up. Off to the kitchen we go!

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‘Happy’ salad

Happy Salad

Irene is back with another colourful and unique recipe: ‘Happy’ salad.  This salad is bursting with originality, colour, and an assortment of ingredients… It marks a total departure from a typical salad and is a feast for both our eyes and our palates.  The name of the recipe sums it up perfectly… you take one look at it and you feel on top of the world!! Let’s give it a try. What do you say? Read more

Penne with courgettes and tuna

Penne with courgettes and tuna


A tasty dish of Penne with courgettes and tuna is the latest proposal from our friend Roberta. Roberta has practically become the Italian consul for our cookery blog. She’s sent in a whole range of dishes with the flavour and tradition of Italy that are so popular in this country. Don’t give tonight’s dinner another thought – this sophisticated dish is perfect! All it has are a few really simple ingredients, but lovingly prepared to create a mouth-watering meal. Try it with your favourite pasta and tell us how it turns out! Read more

White beans and tuna belly salad with chilli peppers on a bed of roasted peppers cream

White beans salad

Check out the fantastic dish we have for you today. A white beans and tuna belly salad, gloriously complimented by a peppers cream and piparras (typical chilli peppers from the Basque province of Gipuzkoa). This luxurious dish is the fruit of the gourmet talents of our friend Virginia. We’re certain that it will delight the palates of everyone who tries it! Virginia’s talents are not only limited to this delicious salad; a glance at some of the recipes at Sweet & Sour shows us that she can turn her hand to anything. Do you fancy giving this dish a try? Hello? Is there anybody there? I can only assume that you’ve all run off to grab your best crockery.  I’m not in the least surprised! Read more

Spaghetti with sardines

Spaghetti with sardines

Our friend Roberta is back, and this time she has conjured up a fantastic Italian dish: Spaghetti with sardines.  Roberta informs us that she has just arrived in Barcelona from Italy, and it seems she’s brought lots of interesting and exciting recipes with her. That’s certainly good news for us!   This simple yet delicious pasta dish is a fantastic option for a snack or evening meal.  It will take you no time to make and it embodies the very essence of Italian cuisine. Benvenuta Roberta; do your thing! Read more

Tuna meatballs

Tuna Meatballs

Roberta’s tuna meatballs are a perfect option for a classy aperitif. Don’t worry: they’re extremely easy to prepare! I promise!  You won’t need any béchamel sauce, nor will you end up with 20 dirty pots and pans after you’ve finished cooking. You won’t even have to wait for the dough to cool down. By the time you’ve thought about what you’re about to make, they’re practically ready!  Then all you have to do is create an even fry to prevent the croquettes from breaking, and it’s time to tuck in.  You can see the end result in the photo above: delicious little golden, crispy balls which are best enjoyed warm and in good company.  What do you think? Read more

False crab pâté

False crab pate

It may be about as authentic as a nine pound note, but we absolutely love this pâté! It was created by Silvia, that indefatigable contributor to our blog, and the editor and head chef of her own blog: “Jugando a las cocinitas” Silvia shares this fantastic pâté with us at Conservas Serrats. You won’t be able to resist rustling up this aperitif when you host your next party or celebration.   Silvia advises us to rustle up this delicious, easy-to-prepare snack, and to eat to our hearts’ content!     Are you interested? Well, then, let’s get to work! Read more

Mini tuna panna cotta crowns with pistachios and strawberries

Mini tuna panna cotta crowns with pistachios and strawberries

Anyone who thinks there is a limit to how many appetisers you can make from preserves obviously hasn’t discovered Conservas Serrats. We keep on receiving your fantastic ideas for creations made with our products. Just look at what Dolores has sent in! Her mini tuna panna cottas with pistachios and strawberries speak for themselves. This is just one of the excellent recipes you can find in “Mi gran diversión”, the artist’s blog. Because Dolores, like you, knows that getting out the pots and pans is a great way to have a good time. What could be more fun than experimenting, mixing and kneading, and then presenting delicacies like the ones shown here?  By the way, this recipe is specially designed for the Thermomix – that fantastic appliance we’re going to put to great use today! Read more