Christmas canapés: Tuna belly and anchovy tartlet

Christmas canapés: Tuna belly and anchovy tartlet

A new Christmas canapé! The third proposal for our Christmas Canapé competition is courtesy of María. Delicious tartlets with a sliced bread foundation, crowned with two of our greatest treasures: anchovies from the Bay of Biscay and Albacore Tuna belly.



  1. Flatten the slices of bread without the crust with a rolling pin, to make them thin.
  2. Put them in large cupcake moulds, pressing the edges well so they adapt to the shape.
  3. Bake in the oven at 150º C until golden brown. Set aside.
  4. Chop the avocado, the spring onion, the tomato and the gherkins. Dress with salt, oil and vinegar to taste. (If you’re going to prepare them in advance, you can use a few drops of lemon so that the avocado doesn’t oxidise and the mixture is nice and ready to be used later).
  5. Fill the tartlets with the chopped vegetables.
  6. Add the Albacore Tuna belly and the Cantabrian anchovies on top of the vegetables.
  7. You can add a few drops of the oil from the tin of anchovies, to add flavour.

Christmas canapés: Tuna belly and anchovy tartlet

Some top-class tartlets, thanks María!

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