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Vol-au-vents filled with White Tuna

Vol-au-vents filled with white tuna

Rosa decided to take part in our recipe competition with a dish that is shaped like a dessert but with the soul of an aperitif. A puff pastry pie topped off with our Serrats White Tuna (Albacore). Olive and dates are the perfect complement to round off this dish with a taste of the sea. We’ve taken note for our next feast with friends.

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Vegetable salad snacks

Vegetable salad snacks

My seafood-loving friends, our friend Juana from the blog La Cocina de Juani proposes a period snack. A classic pintxo in our gastronomy: The comforting vegetable salad! The star dish at Sunday family lunches. A Sunday treat, a mouthful of tradition. Pure pleasure.

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Tuna cannelloni


My oh my, this recipe that Sandra has sent in from the blog Els Fogons de la Bordeta look just fantastic.

Tuna and white sauce in perfect harmony… We love that friendship that makes our stomach so very happy. Simply exquisite, sublime. Our heads are spinning. We’re in love.

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White tuna pastries


img_1239-3Our white tuna is so nice. La Cocina de Juani brings us this recipe that is delight for the senses. Mouthfuls of pure love for our canned fish. Mouthfuls of happiness.

Who could resist these white tuna pastries? Let’s get started.

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White tuna ‘bamba’ with mousse and tapenade

white tuna bamba

As the ‘La Bamba’ song goes, it takes some “grace” to prepare this fantastic dish, so we hope you’re up to the task! Marian sent in this recipe for our competition and it looks great. Fancy preparing it?

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Mini white tuna sandwich


Mini-size, maxi-quality! These mini sandwiches that Blanca proposes can become the perfect starter for a party meal. Very easy to prepare and all the ingredients are cold, so it’s very little work. We’re going to get started right now!

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Italian Marmitako (Tuna Stew)


Today, BulliRdeAgus proposes an Italian-Basque dish. Imagine you’re in Tuscany at one of those tables with one of those typical red and white chequered tablecloths, going through your eight Basque surnames while you tuck into an Italian marmitako prepared with our Serrats fish preserves. What a plan, eh? Well let’s get down to it.

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Tuna and prawn cannelloni


Are you allergic to lactose? Do you prefer to eat gluten-free food? Then this is your recipe!

Bárbara from the blog www.cocinasin.com has this great lactose and gluten-free tuna and prawn cannelloni recipe.

I don’t know about you, but I can already picture it in my mind: pasta filled with our best tasty and wholesome tuna, mouth-watering king prawns… And all this covered in a white sauce that will have you licking your fingers… Not even in my best dreams…

Who’s up for it?

Ah, I almost forgot; this is a really healthy recipe as it is gluten and lactose-free… A real treat my friends…

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Tuna and piquillo pepper croquettes


If any of us are asked about our favourite dishes we probably don’t name anything too fancy or complicated: Fried eggs, omelettes, sandwiches, and of course, the humble and great croquette!

The ones we have today are by Nieves, and we don’t have any doubts at all about her cooking skills, because after having a look at her blog La cajita de Nieves Elena we can see her mastery in the kitchen. Want to give the croquettes a try? Let’s get down to it!

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Seafood Potatoes


Look how lovely those potatoes with White tuna look! They are Montserrat’s idea, and from now on they’ll be added to our recipe book. No complications, no complicated techniques and very easily prepared. They can be on your table today. Go for it!

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