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Rice with Serrats cockles and vegetables

Rice with Serrats cockles and vegetables

Knowing how to prepare good rice is a gift. We’d all like to be the king of the Sunday paella, but… No Buts! With this recipe that Carmen sent in to us there are no excuses, an easy and delicious rice dish that will earn you the praises of even the most demanding paella experts. Read more

Spaghetti alle vongole (with cockles)


Sapore di maaaaaareeee….!  Today we’re travelling to Italy with Toñi, with her adaptation of the traditional spaghetti alle vongole (spaghetti with clams) where she substitutes the clams with tinned cockles. Don’t miss it! And don’t miss her blog either, Mi Cocina – Carmen Rosa.

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Seafood stuffed peppers

Seafood stuffed peppers

How do you get the Galician coast in a pepper? It’s all right, we haven’t gone mad; we know well that you can’t stuff in the coast as such, but we can put in all its flavour. This is what Esperanza de la Macarena has done with the peppers stuffed with cockles and mussels that she has prepared for our recipe competition. Read more

Cockles with orange

Berberechos with orange

To keep the St Valentine’s spirit going, today we’re bringing you the perfect recipe to impress your better half. It was sent by Charo, who once again blew us away with her original and delicious recipes. You don’t have to be psychic to know what will be the first words of anyone who takes a bite of this:  ”Mmmm, delicious!!“.

Let’s get cookin’! It’s hard to believe, but with just four ingredients you’ll have a fantastic appetizer in less than a heartbeat. Let’s get cracking! Read more